Technical Support & FAQs

Hub City Iron Works™ offers a full line of parts and accessories needed to service any of its manufactured products - lathe refacers, cleaning machines and pipe protector cleaning units.

In addition, Hub City can research and find parts for other manufactured products outside the Hub City line.

If there is a question as to which part is needed, please refer to the individual part manuals or contact our Sales department at +1 337 334 6969.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have a Pipe Cleaning Machine that was built by Hub City Iron Works™ many years ago that is in need of repairs. Who can provide repair services for this piece of equipment?

A: Hub City Iron Works has experienced personnel that can go to your site to provide repairs to your Hub City Iron Works Pipe Cleaning Machine.

Q: Where can I purchase consumables for my Hub City Iron Works Pipe Cleaning Machine?

A: Consumables and spare parts can be purchased by contacting MIE Supply at +1 337 334 6969 or you can visit their website

Q: Does Hub City Iron Works provide trucking services?

A: Yes, we provide trucking for jobs in the Lafayette area. Jobs outside the Lafayette area will be quoted accordingly.

Q: What type of machine and fabrication shop services can Hub City Iron Works provide?

A: Hub City’s machine and fabrication shops can complete all types of machine and fabrication projects. Our machine shop specializes in oilfield related tools such as subs, pup joints, etc.; however, we are not limited to this type of equipment. The fabrication shop is capable of building a wide variety of equipment – from general specifications to custom builds - including specialized trailers, tanks, BOP testing units, tubular hydro-testing units, Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) cleaning machines, accumulators, pipe racks, tool and equipment racks, and offshore baskets. For more information, view our machine, fabrication and engineering services.




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